Seeing Idun for the first time (and lots and lots of shopping)

It’s been a long wait, but on 1st May we finally got to see Idun for real! And gosh is she big… Wonderful that we have all that space inside, but a bit scary that we (read Dominic) will soon be manoeuvring her in the marina and sailing on the rivers and along the coast.  As Dominic’s been incredibly busy this spring he couldn’t sail her over from the Hanse factory Germany, so we got a crew to do it for us.   And they’ve safely taken her to Hamble and here she is! 20180501_101353.jpgWe had a lovely morning with Andy and Russell from InspirationMarine, making all the final decisions as to what we want on the boat and where; solar panels, lithium batteries, TV, freezer, UK plugs, hooks in the heads etc etc etc.   We got the name of a company who can make up the graphics for the name and luckily we saw a boat in that marina with just the sort of look we’re hoping for.   And we measured just about everything, so we can now go ahead and buy what we need for our second home.   And last, but not least, we have agreed a handover date which is Monday, 4th June.

IMG-20180501-WA0001.jpgIn the last couple of weeks our credit card has seen tremendous traffic, but now it feels like we’re getting there.  I have a four-page list of all the things we need to organise.   Of course we already have some boat equipment from Principia, and we have saved useful things from our old house, and we had some lovely things for Christmas, but there’s a lot of things we need (and want) to buy new. We’ve got some lovely bamboo tableware from the Eden Project’s shop; all those little things you need for a household from Ikea; bed linen from John Lewis. Force4Chandlery has supplied an endless amount of safety equipment, and boat specific items like a toilet brush holder you screw onto the wall.

We’re also thinking about all the time we can spend exploring different places we come to, and how we can do this. We’ve decided the best option for us will be Volt Metro foldable electric bikes, so we can easily get around wherever we moor. They will also be very useful for food shopping! We picked the bikes up the other day and had a trial run. It feels truly weird when it whooshes you along even though you’re hardly peddling.

IMG-20180513-WA0000.jpgBut of course it’s not only buying equipment that needs doing. We’ve registered Idun with the Small Ships Register and Ofcom, and insured just about everything. Phew!

8 thoughts on “Seeing Idun for the first time (and lots and lots of shopping)

  1. Spirit measure. Don’t forget to get a spirit measure, and a couple of spares. Very important to measure your spirits. Doesn’t matter how big (or small) it is (the measure), but you do like to know how just how much gin you are imbibing. Or have imbibed. And the great thing about spirit measures is that they work for whatever happens to be the spirit your choice! Amazing. Every boat should have one. Or three, so annoying when they go missing. Of course, you do have to remember to keep Idun well stocked up with spirits (especially should we visit, you will not believe how much …. ) otherwise your spirit measures will not be that useful really. Just a thought. Enjoy your cruising, there is nothing better.


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