4th June HANDOVER DAY and the next few days

So here we are, it’s 11th June 2018, and we’ve owned our lovely yacht Idun for a week!  I’ve had a few comments in the last few days ‘I thought you were writing a blog?’ Yeah, it’s just that (and here comes the rant) it’s been hectic, irritating, frustrating, sooo much to take in and we’re both absolutely exhausted at the end of the day.  So I thought I would catch up today while one bloke is servicing our engine, another bloke is trying to work out why our batteries aren’t getting powered up as they should, and a third is coming soon to sort out the boom.  While I’m sitting in the sun in a very posh marina.

I’ve decided to do this in separate posts and this one will be about the handover, our frustrations therein etc.  So this one is more of a diary entry.  The next few post (today I hope!) will be about outings and visitors.  Much more fun!


So we set off from home nice and early with a very fully laden car, and arrived at Hamble Point Marina in good time for our 10am appointment with Andrew at Inspiration Marine.  Very exciting!  The morning was spent with Russell showing us around the boat, explaining functions along the way.  We had been made aware the previous week that the davits couldn’t be fitted yet, and we therefore will not have our RIB available.  It was very quickly apparent though that this was by no means the only thing that wasn’t ready like the installation of the water maker and the AC power supplies from the lithium batteries and the solar panels.


After lunch Russell took us out for a test sail.  Dominic helmed which was a nerve wracking experience for him as Idun at 45ft is rather larger than Principia, and is wheel steered.  So he had to concentrate hard!  First of all we went and filled up with diesel, and while motoring down the river Russell showed us everything about the rigging, and after a while we came out on Southampton Water and sailed with a reef in and making very good speed – 8 knots easy.  She sails well does Idun.  A very enjoyable sail!  Mooring back at the marina was another challenge for Dominic but he managed on second try, with only a very small bit of help from Russell.

Back in the marina it was soon time to unpack the car and move in.  Luckily there were some handy steps to get from the pontoon to the deck which made it all so much easier.  We soldiered on and by midnight we had unpacked everything, filled up the cupboards, made the beds, and broken down all boxes ready for recycling.  No time for a food shop but we had brought enough from home that we didn’t have to go to bed hungry.


Next day, ie Tuesday, and after broken sleep as we’re not used to the noise of the marina, we got up early as we needed to sort a few more things, get a bit of food for breakfast and lunch and we knew that we were expecting people to come fixing things on deck, in the forward locker, fitting electrics, sorting the batteries etc etc.  We had to excuse ourselves as we had to go off and find a post office to get our passports certified and send some documents off to our solicitors as we’ve just found a house to buy.  A slight distraction from the boat!  After that we went to the chandlery and bought more fenders and fender steps and a few other bits and after lunch we went up to Inspiration Marine to sign off the boat purchase and pay the final bill.  While we were there Emma arrived which was a lovely distraction!

The next few days were following the same pattern, ie people working on the boat for much of the time. It was very clear that they all had far too much on as they had not only us to deal with, but several other new boats to get ready.  And the marina wi-fi was difficult, and we had real trouble charging our electric car despite the marina having a universal charger.  It all got to us and by Wednesday evening we’d had enough.  On Thursday morning I went off in the car to do a mega food shop to fill up grocery and household supplies while Dominic waited around for the electricians.  They didn’t turn up when expected so now Dominic went up and got a bit more serious with Inspiration Marine, explained that we wanted to leave this marina that afternoon and could they please make sure that enough was done so that we could do that.  And they did.  And they showed Dominic how to pickle the water maker and other important stuff.  And we spent more money at the chandlery getting flares and other bits and pieces.

At lunchtime Toby and Janette arrived and we had lunch and went for a walk until we could leave the marina.

And that’s the end of the rant.  While I’ve been writing this, two blokes have been, and it looks like we will be able to go off tomorrow as planned!  I know there’s a lot that Dominic wants to show me and go through about tomorrow, our first voyage on our own.  But in the meantime, on to the next blog post.

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