7/8 June – Toby & Janette and anchoring off the Isle of Wight

We were very pleased to see our friends Toby and Janette arrive on Thursday.  After a tour of the boat (obviously!) and a humous and veggie lunch, we enjoyed a walk along Southampton Water, before getting ready to move out of Hamble Point Marina.


With Toby’s expert help (him being a Yachtmaster Instructor), Dominic safely helmed us out of the marina, and practiced manoeuvring for a bit.  It didn’t take long to reach our destination Swanwick Marina further up the river Hamble.  Our first calling point here was the pumping out station.  This turned out to be a bit more complicated than we had expected but a job that had to be done!  Dominic cooked us all a delicious curry for our supper and we had a nice long chat until it was time for bed.


After a long breakfast we got underway and motored down the river to the Solent.  There wasn’t enough wind to raise the sails, so the engine had to do the work to get us to a beautiful anchoring spot outside Ryde on the Isle of Wight.  It had been cloudy and hazy all morning, but as soon as we dropped anchor the sun came out which made our lunch on deck even better!  We did manage to sail for a bit on the return journey which was very nice even though we didn’t go very fast.  As both our cars were back at Hamble Point, a call to a local taxi firm got us sorted and they went off back home and we retired to our boat home.

It was really nice for Dominic to have Toby’s back up for our first real journeys on Idun, and both Toby and Janette gave me lots of tips and advice.  Thank you both!




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