Saturday 9th June – family visitation

On Saturday Dominic set off early to drop the car off at home, as our adventure on Idun will be a continuing one.  He had a rather unfortunate visit to the service station where another car backed into him.  A real bother but luckily no major injuries to neither people nor cars.

Back home Dominic had a few errands to run and was then given a lift back to the boat.

Meanwhile IMG-20180609-WA0008.jpegI was getting things ready on the boat.  By midday, Barnaby and Shelly arrived and I showed them around and we sat in the sunshine until the others came.  Everyone brought food and drink, so we enjoyed a very tasty buffet lunch and toasted our nautical future with Prosecco which went down very well! It was a really nice afternoon with lots of family chat, and we were so proud being able to show off Idun.  Thank you all for coming!



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