11th June – our last day at Swanwick Marina

We’ve lived on Idun for a week.  What an amazing thought that is!

The plan was that Vivien and Ray would join us today, but I rudely postponed their visit as we had several people coming to sort things out today and we didn’t know when any of them would arrive, and what sort of access / or not we would have to the boat while they’re here.  So this was a day of getting things done.  I did several loads of laundry in the marina laundrette, a lot of paperwork and walked around to find a post box.  It is quite weird, how when you arrive via boat to a marina you have no idea how the normal land-world looks like.

Dominic busied himself by fitting the ensign to the flagpole, sorted the hosepipes in the forward locker, fitted jackstays for our lifelines, added the rescue ladder to the safety equipment on the stern railings and fastened holding straps for our foldable bicycles in the aft storage cabin.

Meanwhile, our engine had a full service, various AC / battery charging issues were seen to, the deckwash fitting was sorted, and the mainsail is in full working order now that the lazy jacks have been adjusted.

We were both extremely tired at the end of the evening, but it was satisfying to get so much done and sorted.  We ended the day by talking about how to move off the pontoon tomorrow, my role and what I need to be able to do during the journey, and I had a brief navigation lesson with Dominic while he did the route planning.




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