Thursday 14th June – a bit of a rough night

Well what a difference a day makes.  It was a rough night, winds higher than expected, and with the boat constantly swinging around the anchor and lots of clanging, clanking and wind noise.  Dominic had got the boat ready last night, but still had to get out on deck in the dark to tie up a halyard that made a block shift constantly.  We didn’t get much sleep.   But praise where praise is due; Dominic chose a good anchor for the boat, a Rocna, and positioned us well off the channel, so the anchor held despite the strong wind and tide. The morning was much the same, average wind speed 22.8 knots, gusting 30 knots, force 6.  Apparently ‘a yachtsman’s gale and would make for a good sail’.  I’m very glad we’re not going anywhere though! I spent the morning avoiding feeling sick.

The remainder of the day kept me busy getting up to date with my daily blogging while Dominic did a few jobs like fitting the wall-hung toilet brushes and also worked quite a bit.  As this has been quite a non-day, I will add a few photos of our brand spanking new boat, just because we’re so proud of her!

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