Wednesday 13th June – at ease in Chichester Harbour


A lovely white bird walking past us on the mudbank

We both woke up early with the sun rays streaming through the portlights and dancing on the ceiling.  A truly beautiful start to the day; so calm and peaceful.  Balm for the soul!  We got our binoculars out and did a bit of bird watching on the muddy bank off the island.  Oystercatchers were easy to spot, so were the black-headed gulls.  But we never really found out what the white bird might be; a small egret?

We had been completely on our own in this spot overnight, but soon a mass of dinghies and small boats were sailing all over the bay and some of them just skirting our boat.  Such a sight!  Dominic got the drone out for a first flight off the boat.  He had to do a bit of re-rigging at the front of the boat to allow for a take-off and landing spot.  Quite difficult flying conditions but he got it off and flew over the island for a few minutes.  And it took a lovely photo of Idun!

Dominic sitting on Idun flying the drone

As we’re planning to anchor here for a few days we decided to get the watermaker going.  Unfortunately, it only worked for 10 minutes.  So Dominic ended up spending a lot of time during the day making phone calls and sending emails, and with his hands down various bilge areas.  Alas to no avail, so we’re going to have to be a little careful with our water usage.   There were a few more frustrations today, such as one of the stalk light seemingly being live and blew the fuse when we used it.  Luckily no one seems to have touched that light before.  And we can’t use the forward heads as the holding tank won’t empty.  We have definitely had our share of niggles on this boat, but nothing that can’t be sorted.

Dominic worked on and off and we sorted out the last admin on the car insurance claim and the insurance on the boat.  Emma does a wonderful job of sending photos of our incoming mail at home.  It is rather fantastic that we can sit here on a boat in the middle of the harbour leading our life in a very convenient fashion.

By evening the wind was starting to get up and we knew we were in for a disturbed night.  But we were very cosy in our cabin and enjoyed our dinner with a glass of red.  Very nice ending to the day!

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