Friday 15th June – off to Brighton we go!

Today we left our lovely anchoring spot near the muddy banks of Pilsey Island.  I’d gotten strangely attached to that place.  Such beautiful sunrises and sunsets over the water.

Our window to the world in Chichester Harbour

We had planned to leave at 11am but after speaking to the marina in Brighton, Dominic decided we’d better set off asap.  It takes a bit of planning when we have to leave on high tide over Chichester Bar and arrive on high tide to get into Brighton’s shallow artificial marina.   The forecast was showing enough strength for us to sail, but unfortunately we ended up having to do a motor-assisted sail all the way, as wind alone wouldn’t have got us there in time to catch our deadline.  The wind was right behind us once we’d passed Selsey Bill and we had a warm and sunny passage, even if we did have to bear with the diesel fumes.  There was a MayDay alert on the radio.  Some poor soul in real trouble.

The only blight on a passage like today is the constant threat of getting the propeller caught in the rope of a lobster pot.  They are absolutely anywhere and everywhere.  Sometimes they are clearly marked with orange buoys neatly positioned in a line, but other times there’s nothing more than an old plastic container marking the pot line’s position.  So we have to constantly keep watch.

We saw a Beneteau 25.7, and Dominic marvelled at the fact that he actually sailed around Britain in one of those.  Now that we have this massive boat, a 25.7 looks alarmingly small!

We radioed Brighton Marina on Channel 80 when approaching the harbour.  Idun is 2.25m deep and this night is spring tide, so combining that with the marina’s forever silting depth, there was only one berth that would fit us.  So we were lucky.

Arriving at Brighton 

Dominic had to steer past a working dredger going through into the harbour, and needed to stay well into the middle of the channel when going to our berth, so there was a bit of tension.  But all went very smoothly and Dominic positioned us perfectly when backing into the inside of the hammerhead pontoon behind another boat.   There was a strong wind pushing the boat, so we put all but one of the fenders on the pontoon side of the boat and moored it in with plenty of rope.  We’ll get a couple more fenders to be on the safe side for this kind of mooring.

The viewing display for our power had gone dead when we moored.  A phone call later to the installers, and we know we’re getting shore power input, so we’re ok.  But we can’t leave Brighton until they organise an electrician hopefully on Monday.  We’re beginning to get used to this constancy of errors.  Basically none of the self-sufficiency measures we had put in place are working.  But as I said we’re ok, and we will enjoy Brighton.

We decided to splash out and went to Zizzi for a pizza in the evening. Yummy!



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