Saturday 16th June – a day in Brighton

In the morning we went into Brighton on the bus, which gave us a nice overview of this part of the town.  Dominic has been to Brighton before, moored in the same marina, so he knows his way around.  We had a bit of shopping to do, and you may be aware that this is not our favourite pastime.  But sometimes it has to be done.

Shopping done, and after a quick lunch, we headed back through The Lanes, which is very pretty and full of terribly chic shops no doubt charging a lot of pennies for their products.  Once on the beachfront we came across the small Fishing Museum under the arches.  Incredibly the fishermen used to just beach their boats on to the pebbly beach!

If you’re interested: Seafront Heritage

Standing on the steps towards the beach, the ghostly remains of the West Pier loom while the famous Palace Pier takes pride of place.  We decided to leave exploring the pier for another day.  We did enjoy an ice cream though, and a train ride back along the beach on the Volk’s Electric Railway.

Brighton Pier
Pebble beach and the Palace Pier








Dominic needed to work for a bit, and because it then started to drizzle, we ended up spending the rest of the day on the boat.  Apart from a shopping trip to Asda.  We also kept popping out to check the boat’s fenders and tightening the ropes, as it was a very windy evening.

Well fendered for the gusty night


11 thoughts on “Saturday 16th June – a day in Brighton

  1. And I have just taken possession of a truly superb Rustler 36 based again at Northney. We must arrange a rally!


      1. I’m pretty sure you asked what our plans are, but I can’t find the post. I’m very new to blogging! When we get started properly we’re going west, taking our time, seeing what we fancy. We’ll overwinter the boat in Scotland. Next year is Caledonian Canal and either islands north of UK and Norway, or straight to Sweden and the Baltic. No long term plans as yet, but the boat is capable of ocean voyages.


      2. All that sounds very exciting and I wish you well – it will surely be a HUGE change in life style which may possibly become more rather than less difficult to adjust to as you begin to miss the normal routines and places.

        But it will be tremendous to sail to your home country! Do work up a comprehensive medical kit – in a North Sea gale you can’t pop out to a chemist for Lemsip!

        You say you are now going west – i.e. back along the South Cost and round the Lizard. If so, you may well again pop into Solent marinas. I shall then make an effort to see Udin!

        Meanwhile, your blog is going to be a daily read!


  2. We’ve gone home until the boat is ready, quite nice to be in the garden again. So won’t be blogging for the next couple of weeks or so. Yep, we have a detachable inner forestay, and a halyard for a spinnaker, when we get one.


    1. I loved your description of people’s reactions – but you are, and always have been, a very determined young woman, so I am not surprised that you “up for it”. You have been quite extra-ordinarily lucky with the weather in the last ten days, so my ONLY comment is that it won’t always be like that! I’ll probably pop over to the Hamble some time next week to have a look at Udin. What’s your new home address? I’m giving a big Midsummer party today.


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