Sunday 17th June – Father’s Day and trying out the bicycles


Breakfast with freshly made bread (we’ve brought the bread maker on board) to celebrate Father’s Day!  Our children are currently in England, Australia and China, so Father was celebrated by way of internet.



The morning was still windy and grey, but we ventured out for a fresh walk around the marina and along the seawall.  We only caught the sea spray once, unlike the fishermen with their rods who all looked very cold and miserable.  We enjoyed a good panorama of the harbour and took the opportunity to take photos of our newest pride and joy, yet again ha ha!


In the afternoon we tried out our new battery powered bicycles.  We cycled the 5km long Undercliff Walk to its end at Saltdean.  It’s a shared concrete path for walkers and cyclists, and is part of the coastal defences. The views are superb and it feels pretty amazing to be below the white cliffs!  We parked the bikes at a conveniently provided bike rack and walked around in Rottingdean for a bit.  A lovely little outing!

The Undercliff Walk looking over Saltdean
Birgitta at the end of the road


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