Monday 18th June – Regency Brighton and beyond

We went in to see the Royal Pavilion today.  I know I’m supposed to go ah and wonderful and isn’t this building incredible.  Instead this ridiculous structure, with its completely over-the-top opulence inside made me really rather cross.  It would have cost an incredible amount of money, all for Prince/Regent/King George IV’s personal benefit.  I do realise that the building and running of the establishment would have benefitted trade in Brighton, but still.  I now like George IV even less.  Though I did like the kitchen.

Dominic outside Brighton Pavilion

We did have a very tasty lunch at a small cafe selling almost exclusive plant based food.  That made me feel an awful lot better about the world!  We popped into a few shops, and then strolled down to the sea front taking in all the loveliness that Brighton has to offer: Regency architecture, quirky shops, art installations, re-developments offering a future to the more tired aspects of the town and of course the traditional British sea side experience.

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