Tuesday 19th June – clouds galore

Dominic woke up with a very sore throat this morning, so I went off to Asda to get Lemsip.  Always helps!  As he felt too tired to do anything much and the sky was heavy with cloud, we stayed in and pottered about.  I made a very healthy lunch with garlic, ginger and lots of greens in it, to speed up recovery.   We did take a walk out on to the seawall though, and watched one of the dredgers that work continually in the marina.

A rather magnificent dredger working away at the entrance to Brighton Marina

Another Hanse yacht came in last night and moored opposite.  They’d had a very rough sail in the force 6 wind, and then got stuck in the silt in the marina.  The dredgers are definitely needed.  We also saw the rescue helicopter trying to help a motorboat that had lost power.   I was very glad we were safely moored and cosy in our Idun!

We ended our day with soup and freshly made bread.  Yum!



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