Wednesday 20th June – last day in Brighton

The winds are changing so today is our last day in Brighton, where the clouds are still thick and it’s still windy. Though we have noticed that it gets significantly warmer and more pleasant as soon as you get away from the marina.  Hence, in the afternoon we took our usual no 7 bus in to town thinking we’d visit the Pier.  But when we got there, and saw the crowds, we just looked at each other and said ‘naaaa’.  We’ve been to many piers before after all.  So we wandered up to North Laine and in particular Gardner Street, where there are so many small and unusual shops.  We particularly enjoyed The Spice Shop, where we ended up buying quite a few spice mixes, and they had liquid smoke, which I’ve been hoping to buy for a while.

A really nice couple from Scotland moored up near us today and we got talking.  They have also just bought a boat and are sailing westwards and then on to Scotland.  They popped in for a coffee and we had a lovely long chat.  We exchanged details and hope to meet up again further along on our journeys.  Nice to meet you Brigitte and Robin!

Today’s photo is of an essential item on every boat.  The log book!  This particular one was part of the very kind gifts my colleagues gave to me when I stopped working at the library – thanks again to all my wonderful friends in ‘The Library Crew”!  We obviously use is for passage planning and notes on the sails,  but it is also a good place for statistics on energy, water and wifi use.  All interesting to keep track of.


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