Friday 22nd June – Who’s at the helm?

We had a nice and calm morning, in glorious sunshine at Swanwick.  Did some laundry and enjoyed the sun.  We had to leave the berth by midday, so set off down the river.  And with a bit of initial persuasion, I steered the boat all the way down the river.  A river full of very expensive boats of all sizes.  But I didn’t crash into a single one of them.  I hadn’t actually planned to post anything today, but I wanted to document this as I’m quite proud of myself!


We headed out into the Solent and anchored off a very pretty coastline with idyllic beach huts.  All was very calm and we had a lovely peaceful lunch in calm conditions and windsurfers swishing by every now and then.  We heard from Inspiration Marine, and agreed we will take the boat to them tomorrow morning, so will stay here at anchor overnight.



The evening’s excitement started when a man in a small dingy sailed up to us and told us that an unexploded bomb had been found near the Hamble Spit.  So we put the radio on and soon got regular messages that there would be a controlled underwater explosion at 19.45 hours and giving us the exact position.  We were told all vessels should stay away by 1500m.  Dominic calculated we were 1629m away, so at a safe distance but near enough to see/hear?  There was a large military boat and several smaller ones positioned near the site, which we could clearly see.  The time came, and we did hear a boom.   And that was it!

We sat outside late into the evening, and enjoyed a glorious sunset!


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