Monday 9th July – Back to Idun with Daniel

Off we went to Idun by train, this time with our son Daniel as honoured guest!  We walked from the small station at Hamble, stocking up on vegetables at the Co-op along the way and enjoying the scenic route through Hamble Common and along Southampton Water.  We had told Daniel that he would definitely be impressed when he saw Idun, and he was!  Very important to have your children’s approval when you spend their inheritance…

We had lunch on the boat and then waited for Andy for an update. The boat had been back at the selling agent’s for two weeks in order to have all outstanding items fixed, and a few extras such as mounting Dominic’s computer screen on the wall such that he has a comfortable working area.  We had been warned that they did have problems in fitting the davits, but that it would be done first thing Monday morning.  Why they waited until the last minute to do this, we’ll never know.  So it wasn’t without apprehension that we checked over the boat.  And you know that sinking feeling that your worries are correct – well it was back to handover time all over.  Andy said the davit fitters had had some problems but they would definitely be fitted first thing Tuesday morning, and that he’d organised a meet-up for us with the Aztec Marine and MasterVolt to go through the electrics.  And the tap is still leaking.

I don’t really want to remember all the negative stuff, so the positive was that a really nice fitter that had been drafted in from the Windermere office made sure that we had our rib, spent a long time finding our oars and even sorted petrol for us.  We are very pleased with our dinghy!   We spent the evening playing on the river, gawping at ridiculously huge boats (it’s called boat envy, apparently) and went up to Port Hamble for a walk and a lovely evening meal at Banana Wharf restaurant.

Daniel and Dominic setting off in our shiny new rib!
We all think it’s a really good rib!



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