Friday 13 July – Welcome Vivien, Ray and Harry!

The RNLI College is here in Poole, and over the last couple of days we have seen plenty of RNLI ribs doing various exercises.  This morning we had privileged viewing while a new crew practiced man overboard right next to our boat.  It was very interesting and instructive to see.  Wish I’d taken a photo!


Vivien, Ray and Harry

Today we welcomed Vivien and Ray to our boat home.  Dominic fetched them and their little dog Harry from Poole Quay Boat Haven.  They arrived soaked after rather a lively ride!  Luckily it was another gorgeously sunny day, so they eventually dried up.   We sat outside on the boat, enjoying the sunshine and the views with wine and nibbles followed by lunch, lots of chatting and catching up.  Harry had never been on a boat and was so excited, as there was so much to see and investigate!  Dominic gave Ray a man’s tour of the boat and they worked out what may be wrong with the two front solar panels.  We all went back to the marina on Idun and we said our goodbyes.  What a lovely meet up!



As we were in this rather handy marina, we got rid of recycling and rubbish, filled up with water, charged the batteries and pumped out the holding tanks.

Birgitta getting charging cables ready

Dominic chatted to the knowledgeable girl in reception who advised where we could anchor behind Brownsea Island.  We pottered over and spent a very calm evening looking out over the pine clad island, the chain ferry between Sandbanks and Shell Bay, and the gorgeous houses on the spit.


The chain ferry between Sandbanks and Shell Bay

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