Sunday 15 July – Summer frenzy in Studland Bay

Our view from Goathorn Point

Dominic had pre-arranged work meetings so he got on with that while I did household stuff.  It’s not bad when you can do your paperwork sitting out on deck in full sunshine in glorious surroundings!

Today we moved out of Poole Harbour, but not far.  We took the long route, ie went out to sea and sailed for a bit, as it was such a nice day.  We then anchored in Studland Bay; it was crammed full of boats of all sizes, jet skis and canoes, and the beaches were packed with people enjoying their Sunday in the sun.  Another fantastic day!

Boats galore

We had lunch on deck.  A few lads were trying to teach their friend to waterski, and we had first class seats for the spectacle.  We took the rib out for a slow ride up to Old Harry rocks and marvelled at the chalk formations.  We continued along the beach, looking out for canoes and swimmers, and just enjoyed seeing so many people having such a lovely time.

On our way to Old Harry Rocks
Amazing how these chalk formations are still standing
Studland Bay

Dominic spent some time on trying to fix the watermaker in the afternoon, and worked more on completely understanding how everything works and why some things are not working the way they should.  He’s now sure he knows why the solar panels are not producing what they should; the panels have not been wired properly.  So that’s good that we know, as we can now get something done about it.

While Dominic worked hard I relaxed on the sundeck with my crossword.   We enjoyed a long and lazy supper, watching people on their boats, the terns fishing for their young, and the sun making patterns on the chalk cliffs.  A couple of herring gulls came to visit, and tried to sit on the rib’s engine, but it made for a bumpy ride!

Herring gull surveying his patch


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