17-19 July – Three days of fixes in Hamble

Tuesday 17th:

We hopped from Port Hamble to Hamble Point in the morning on to B pontoon and were rather relieved to find that we were not in the Inspiration Marine pen this time.  We had a meeting with Phil and Andy discussing all outstanding issues, and what can be achieved in the short and long term.  Andy and Russell immediately went down to check how the davits fit, only to find that there will have to be further alterations made.  After lunch James and Simon from Aztec came and started re-routing and adding regulators to the solar panels.  We will now have a regulator for each solar panel as originally planned, which is a bit over the top but sets us up well for the future.  Simon also showed Dominic how to open all relevant parts of the watermaker, so he can now fix any future problems himself.  A guy from Osmotech came and repaired where the stern light had been – he did a beautiful job.  Dominic checked out the cover for the RIB.   We will need to get that altered once we know how it will fit when it’s on the davits.  Russell came down to fix the alarm for the aft heads holding tank and at 5pm we went up for an end of day catch-up with Andy.

During the afternoon Dominic and I took a walk up to Hamble old town for fresh food supplies, and a cup of coffee at the Beach Hut Café.  Even though there was a bit more cloud cover than recently, it was still really nice and warm.

The best part of the day was when sitting on the sofas in the evening, we looked out of our real world tv screen ie the large window and was met by the eyes of a large swan pecking gently pecking at the side of the boat and with him were his mate and four cygnets!


Wednesday 18th:

Aztec were with us by 9.30am and continued the work with the regulators.  By late lunchtime this was done, and Simon had also worked a bit on the EasyView, and James had fixed some of the settings on the VHF so that we can use all channels as necessary.  Dominic is very happy with the placement of the regulators, so he can easily read the screens.  And he’s even happier that it is  now properly set up, so the solar panels are producing the power that we had always expected.  Russell came with the davits that had been changed, and spot welded into place.   They weren’t quite right so had to go back to the workshop for further adjustment.

Five beautiful regulators giving us proper readings for the power generated by the solar panels

After lunch we went for a cycle ride up to Swanwick.  It really is no work at all on the electric bikes – can hardly count as exercise!  For the return journey we asked Google for help to go the scenic route.  We ended up going along forest paths in lovely woodland, which was rather gorgeous, and then on a disused road at the end of which we had to lift the (rather heavy) bicycles over a locked gate.  But at least we did something different ha ha!

When we got back Dominic was pleased that the solar panels were still producing energy, but unfortunately the EasyView re-settings are not correct as we got a low battery warning far earlier than it should have come.  Something to add to tomorrow’s list.  Even though not everything got done today, it is a huge relief that we are going forward.


Thursday 19th:

A bit of a blow when we woke up was to find that the EasyView screen did not show the proper electricity input/output.  We had received a few alarms Wednesday evening about reaching low levels, but we had been repeatedly assured that the system was set to alarm at 10% above usable battery power and turn off at 0% usable power.  So, we went to bed knowing there was enough power left.   However, when we woke up the power was at 10% and then the batteries turned off.  So, no power whatsoever.   We alerted Aztec asap and after lunch they had a phone meeting with the suppliers in Holland, and apparently all is now set as it should be.  We hope that this won’t happen again.

We had agreed to stay another day to make sure the davits were done, and it ended up taking all day but by 5pm the lifting of the RIB took place and it looks perfect!  Everyone took photos to celebrate that this very time-consuming issue is finally sorted!

Russell working on the davits
Lifting time
The RIB sitting securely on the davits!

Another couple of jobs got done today; bought and fitted a bow fender (not exactly pretty but we’ve decided it will be useful both in marinas and when using the anchor), and put the transfer on to the RIB so everyone knows whose dinghy it is.

Bow fender in place





Now our RIB knows where it belongs!




















We made sure everything is ready for setting off as soon as possible tomorrow Friday.  We know Russell has to fit another few bolts, and we need a meeting with Andy and Phil, but hopefully that won’t take long.

We talked in the evening about what to do now.  We still have a few smaller outstanding fixes, but can we sort it somewhere else, or by ourselves?  And we have the rather bigger issue of not having powerful enough alternators to charge the Lithium Ion batteries.  We are now thinking that maybe hydro generators could be a solution.  We will sleep on it.






3 thoughts on “17-19 July – Three days of fixes in Hamble

    1. Yes this whole saga has been very tiring and not a little bit stressful. The good thing is that Dominic (and me as well to a point) now understand the boat much better.


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