Monday, 13 August – Itchenor and Alex popping over

Gosport marina is the home berth for the Clipper Round the World yachts, and we’ve had a good look at them.  This is also where crew do their training. I was sitting in the reception area last night, waiting for the laundry, and I saw a hopeful crew-member-to-be going in for her interview.  I hope she got accepted!  When we left today, a Clipper training yacht was just behind us.  I didn’t spot her though.

We left the marina at 10am.  The 65,000 tonne HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier sits in the harbour just outside.  Sean in the marina office told us that it is due to move in the next few days, so we had a very good look for movement as we exited the harbour, but it clearly wasn’t this morning.  Now, that would have been a sight!

Today we’re heading back to Chichester Harbour.  We know the route well!  With the wind coming from behind, the jib kept flapping and we saw that another yacht had poled out their jib, so Dominic tried to do the same with a boathook.  But it didn’t really work, so we jibed for a while instead.  We were one of five yachts that appeared to sail in the same direction, and it was interesting to see the different tactics employed by the various vessels.  We had a fast sail and got to the bar in very good time.   There were huge numbers of dinghies going out from the sailing club as we came in to the harbour area.  There were quite a few beginners though, and Dominic had to steer quite carefully as some of them didn’t really have the hang of it yet!

Boats galore!

This time we were heading for Itchenor.  Though not to the private pontoon we used for the rib on Saturday ha ha!  There are huge numbers of boats here, of all sizes.  We got to the visitors’ buoys by the jetty and decided which one we would head for.  I was there with the boat hook but didn’t catch it the first time, so Dominic backed off in order to try again.  Then we saw this large Sunseeker going really quite fast towards us, and the buoy, and Dominic had to really quickly avoid them.  It was actually quite scary!  The nice part of me thinks that maybe they thought we had just come off the buoy, but I can’t see how they could have missed how we had to sit and wait behind for quite some time, and then take the buoy just next to them. No apology, not even a nod to acknowledge what they’d done.  Never mind.  Let it go, Birgitta!

Masts as far as the eye can see

The reason for going to Itchenor was that Dominic’s business partner and his family were in the area, and they were going to pop down to see us on the boat.  They had parked their car, and the girls had their ice creams, and we could see them heading out on the jetty for the harbour ferry, and then there seemed to be confusion.  It turns out there was a big dog with the driver on the ferry and one of the girls is scared of dogs, so only Alex and his mother-in-law Sue made it over to us.  It was very nice to see them both, and we had coffee/tea and biscuits, and chatted for a bit and Dominic enjoyed showing Alex the boat.  A very nice, albeit different to plans, visit!

Itchenor at low tide


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