15th-16th August – Go West: Weymouth

Wednesday: Dominic checked out the davits, and the RIB hanging off it, and it seems just fine.  All very strong, and well put up.  We also re-attached our 3 in 1 rescue recovery buoy and contacted the manufacturer about new proper fittings.  And since we were thinking rescue, we re-iterated the man-over-board procedures.  On our nav system you can mark the MOB spot, which would be very helpful if you have to steer back to your loved one, hopefully hanging on to that danbuoy.

Dominic calculated the next step on our journey, winds still most definitely not in our favour.  We decided to just go to Weymouth, and planned the sail so as to avoid too rough a passage, and with the Pet Shop Boys ringing in my head, we headed west.

(Go west) Life is peaceful there
(Go west) Lots of open air
(Go west) To begin life new
(Go west) This is what we’ll do

Double-reefed from the beginning and sailing close to the wind, we tacked well out off the coast.   We saw a few other yachts trying the same journey as us but closer to shore.  They either turned back, or came out to us.  Very likely too uncomfortable in the rough water.  After the overfalls at St Albans Head, we tacked back and had a very good and smooth run; constant 9-10 knots.  We were in fact doing so well that we arrived in Weymouth an hour early.  We enjoyed viewing the glorious Jurassic Coast again, and passed some familiar spots; Worbarrow Bay, Lulworth Cove, Durdle Door, and just before Weymouth, the white horse proud on the hill.  33 miles, 4hr 15mins journey time, top speed 11.4 knots.

To get into Weymouth marina you have to go past the Town Bridge, which opens every few hours.  We got to the bridge 5 minutes before 6pm so just made the 6pm opening.  Suddenly a bit of a scramble to ring the marina to confirm our berth and to get fenders and ropes out but I managed it!  With the davits on the back we’re now counted as an ‘up to 16m’ yacht, and get placed with the Big Boys in marinas.  It also means our shore power charging pole has a bigger and more powerful connector.  So far we’ve been able to borrow a converter from the marina, but I must put that on the shopping list.

The very friendly people in the marina office told us that today is Carnival Day so after tidying the boat and some supper, we headed out into town.  We strolled around for a bit, remembering when we were here in 2015 when I visited Dominic on his stop here during his round Britain sail.  We got to the beach in good time for the fireworks at 9:30pm.  There were lots of people about, and many families.  Nice to see the children being so excited about running and playing in the dark!  And that’s how we finished our day, sitting on the smooth sands of Weymouth Bay with beautiful fireworks lighting up the night sky.

Birgitta on the beach
Weymouth Bay at night
Fireworks over Weymouth Bay


Thursday: Woke up to pouring rain and howling winds, so a good day to not sail.  I also woke up to the smell of Dominic’s fresh bread baking in the bread maker.  Now that’s worth waking up for!

Dominic worked most of the day.  Got to be done and a good way to spend a rainy morning.  I did householdy things, and some shopping.  And late afternoon we went for a walk around town, mainly looking for chandleries.  I like shopping in local shops rather than nationals.

Weymouth harbour

Had some frustrating news, that the seller of the house we’re planning on buying has lost the house she was buying.  She does apparently have somewhere she could go short term though, so we’re waiting to hear if that will be the case.  So I spent a good few hours looking at rentals and places to buy,  just in case it will be needed.  That all rather put a damper on things.  But we planned tomorrow’s sail nevertheless, and got everything ready to go as soon as the bridge opens at 8am.


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