12-13 September – Mylor and St Mawes, Falmouth harbour

Wednesday: We motored to Mylor, near Falmouth in the morning.  There was some wind but it was against us, and it’s such a short trip that it wasn’t really worth trying to sail.  We got a berth on the visitors’ pontoon and settled in and filled everything up: petrol, power, water etc.  It’s been a while since we’ve been in a marina, so I did a few trips to the laundrette, where I met some very friendly people.  In fact, all the staff here are also very friendly, which strangely enough isn’t always the case.  This is where we will overwinter Idun, so we wanted to pop in and talk about the procedures, and if there’s anything we need to find out etc.  This is all very new to us!  The day went quickly with visits to the chandlery and talking to the electricians.  We did the 4-mile walk to the nearest food shop, but who minds when your trip there is along a beautiful Cornish creek!  We were very tired at the end of the day; lots of steps up and down Cornish hills, new place again, new people again, the overwintering of the boat; so many new impressions and so much to think about.  But at the same time this all is such an amazing experience and we don’t regret it for one minute!

Thursday: Woke up early and admired the sunrise, Cat Stevens ringing in my ears.

Morning has broken, like the first morning

Dominic had put on the bread maker last night, so the boat was slowly filling up with the smell of fresh bread.  A yummy breakfast with our new find, Bumbleberry Jam.  A bit later Mark, head electrician at the Marine Team here in Mylor came along for a chat and to see first hand about the charging and solar difficulties that we have.  We have now asked for him and his team to work on this over the winter months.  Mark inspired confidence and we feel hopeful of a positive outcome!

Mid-morning we set off on a gentle sail, just letting the sails take us out into Falmouth Bay.  We had lunch sitting in the sunshine, feeling carefree and relaxed.  Then the sun went in, the wind picked up and it got really cold ha ha!  So we sailed back to St Mawes, and anchored  just outside the town.  We saw Pinuccia, 8 metres of sleek elegance, reportedly once owned by Mussolini.  Now she does skippered sails for guests at the Hotel Tresanton in town.

St Anthony’s lighthouse at the entrance to St Mawes
One of the many classic sailing boats we saw today
Whitewashed St Mawes
Pinuccia, built to represent Italy in the 1939 World Cup

We spent a long time talking to Virgin Media, cancelling our contract at our rental.  Funny how everything can be done easily online, apart from cancelling…  So, we’re definitely moving out in four weeks, and it would be very nice to know that we have something to move in to!

We dingied over to Falmouth for a last evening with Toby and Janette, eating at Toby’s favourite fish and chip shop Harbour Lights – very tasty.  It’s been so nice to have their company and journey in Cornwall together!  On the way back we came across a flock of gulls, sleeping on the water in the dark harbour.  It felt very wrong to wake them up so rudely.  Back on Idun in St Mawes it was very dark and still, and the skies clear.  Dominic pointed out the Milky Way to me.  Another first!


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