Wind turbines, cleaning, waiting… and a lovely weekend on the water

Wednesday 15th May:

Joe from the Mylor team came with good news today: Marlec have agreed that we can change the voltage levels on the wind generator regulators to 14.25.  So I took notes on amperage performance and wind speed hourly, first with just the port turbine going on 14.25 volt, then with both.

Dominic left in the morning and spent the day driving back home to drop off the car.  Which took longer than expected due to accident on the road, congestion, and the car battery getting over heated after the 2nd fast charge so charging was not as effective as expected (an issue we’ve heard other people mention with this type of Leaf, but which we’ve previously avoided).

Thursday 16th May:

I continued monitoring the wind generators all day and we’re now happy that they are charging the lithium ion battery as we hoped and expected.  We keep being told about the boat electrics and renewables, that you can’t do this, and these things don’t work like that, but with this one we’ve been proved right.  I spent the day working on my sailing theory.  Normally I have Dominic to bother with endless questions but I am proud to say I worked out quite a few issues on my own and passed what I thought was a difficult module test.  There’s hope for me still!

Dominic came back after most of the day on trains, and he was very pleased to see my wind generation statistics!

Friday 17th May:

We had really hoped we’d get the new MasterVolt alternator fitted by today.  We popped up to the workshop after lunch and the alternator had just arrived, but they didn’t have a chance to change the V pulley to a flat belt today.  So we’re here over the weekend.  Again.  I took care of all the paperwork, bills etc that had arrived with the post at home, delivered by Postie Dominic.  And we continued cleaning the boat.  We’re really happy with our newly recommended cleaners:

SpeedGuard for the gelcoat and Spotless Stainless for the stainless steel

And with all the stainless steel on a boat, it’s lovely to have a cleaner that actually takes away the salt-water induced rust stains.

Saturday 18th May:

The day started out quite cloudy but it got sunnier as the day progressed.  Low tide was mid-morning so we had our lunch on deck, and then took Idun out for a tootle (which I hear from our marina neighbours is the correct word to use when you take your boat out for a spin).  We sailed gently downwind in the sunshine out into Falmouth Bay with just the foresail up.  That was rather lovely.  The return sail was ‘lively’ in Dominic’s words.  I steered for a bit, I do need the practise, but when we got into the sound I asked Dominic to take over as there were windsurfers about and so many boats of various kinds sailing and speeding away in every direction, and we had to tack through this.  Max speed 8.7 knots.

After mooring safely, tidying up all the ropes and packing the sails away we walked to Mylor Bridge along the creek.  It was a lovely walk in the evening sun, and we were pleased to see that the village shop was still open.  We got locally grown strawberries and mixed leaves, and a few other bits and pieces.  Full moon at 21:11 tonight – a lovely sight!

Full moon over Mylor Yacht Harbour

Sunday 19th May:

As it’s Sunday, we indulged in cooked breakfast at Mylor Cafe, and I also treated myself to a lovely berry smoothie.  Good start to the day!  We set off out into Falmouth Bay again, foresail only and doing an easy 5 knots.  Once past all the dinghies enjoying a Sunday race morning, we got on with today’s job: Man Over Board practise.  With a weighted fender as MOB (I was not interested in actually falling into the water!) Dominic did two full practise rounds and I am happy to say that he saved ‘me’ both times in under 9 minutes!  We beat back to Mylor, again through a very crowded myriad of tacking vessels of all sizes.  With 15 knots of wind at times, we sliced through the water at nearly 9 knots.  We definitely have a fast boat!

The afternoon was spent in our lovely RIB.  We first went up to the top of  Mylor Creek, gliding through the water while gazing open-mouthed at the enormous and crazily luxurious homes sitting along the banks.  What was most striking was that none of the big houses seemed to have anyone there, on a sunny Sunday afternoon.  Are they all summer homes only?

As it was such a nice evening we continued on to Pandora Inn in Restronguet where we tied up on the pontoon and had a drink and dinner sitting in the sunshine.  The setting is glorious and it’s more than easy to see why so many people want to live here.

In the evening Dominic sat down and did some serious sailing planning, and with heavy hearts we have realised that there is no longer any chance whatsoever that we will get to Bristol for next weekend, where we had planned to meet up with friends.  Disappointing.



6 thoughts on “Wind turbines, cleaning, waiting… and a lovely weekend on the water

      1. Now in Oban, after going through the Crinan canal last week, then around Jura, Islay and Colonsay, then up to Loch Spelve for a couple of days birdwatching. Have just been sorting out the upholstery covers which were a bit delayed, and then had to take to car home. Hope to head off around Mull next week. Have been fighting a losing battle with keeping the blog up to date, but am working on it as we speak.


      2. You’ve been busy! I’ve been looking at lots of lovely places to visit this summer. Like St Kilda, and Fingal’s Cave. So much to do, and explore and enjoy!


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